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The Silver Age

This is the Age of Magnetism, when the first societies formed in order to organize the distribution of resources and live in harmony with the ebbs and flows of the natural world.

The social hierarchy is based on the innate talents and abilities of each individual, and together the members of society perform rituals to balance the forces of nature and incur blessings from the deities that administer over all aspects of Creation.

Most people who are born in the Silver Age have a solid spiritual foundation and internal potency, which allows them to readily manifest their intentions into the material reality. They have “powers” such as telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, and the ability to perceive and control the subtle energies on Earth.

The people were 15 to 18 feet tall and could live upwards to 2000 years.

This is the time of the Ramayana, the classic story of King Rama and his quest to save his wife Sita from the demonic king Ravana.

This could also have been the time of technically advanced societies that harnessed electro-magnetic power from the Earth, such as the civilization of Atlantis.

The effects of a person's actions are not immediately felt like in the Golden Age, and so impressions called samskaras build up on their individual souls, making them less pure. Cleaning off these impressions requires more spiritual work which the majority of the members of society engage in.

The focus of dharma in this Age is on "cleanliness", meaning is the process of balancing internal and external purity. This is done through individual yogic practices and collective rituals documented in the Atharva Veda, which is a text filled incantations, spells, and complex procedures to balance the forces of nature.

As the Descending Silver Age progresses, conflicts between opposing civilization and cultures become more commonplace and the first instances of the abuse of power take place.

For more detailed information about the Silver Age, watch the complete Cycle of Ages presentation on YouTube:

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