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Prediction Session

This reading is "full-spectrum" because I use several techniques to answer your questions and concerns about what the future may hold for you, based on the active influences in your natal chart and how they are interacting with the planets as they move through the sky.


The techniques I use are:


• Active Transits, and Transit Returns, over your Natal Planets and Houses

• Varshaphala, also called the Solar Return Chart - a new chart cast the exact time the Sun passes over its degree position the moment you were born - which shows important influences and events in the next 365 days

• Prashna, also called an Horary chart - casting a chart the minute I read your specific question 

• Dasha influences, or planetary periods - the moment you were born sets a timing schedule when specific planets and Signs will be particularly active and influential in your life

The questions asked can be as specific as you would like, such as: Will my business be successful this year? Am I likely to meet someone new to form a relationship? When will a legal dispute be resolved?

*Virtual meetings are typically 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Full Spectrum Prediction Session - $100


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After the payment has been processed you will receive a direct email from me asking for your birth information and specific topics you would like to discuss during the reading.


Please allow 7 to 14 days from the payment date until the actual meeting, depending on my current booking schedule.

All sales are final.

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