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On the individual reading pages you can purchase directly through PayPal or with a debit/credit card. After the payment has been processed you will receive a direct email from me asking for your birth information and specific topics you would like to discuss during the reading.


Please allow 5 to 7 days for written reports. After I send the written report we can schedule a virtual meeting.

If you have any questions about the format, payments, or the reading itself, please send me an email at

Terms and Conditions and Private Policy

Complete Vedic Natal Chart Reading

$85 / 125

This is an excellent option for those seeking a thorough breakdown of the natal chart from the Vedic perspective.


The personalized PDF is 12,000 to 15,000 words, with an optional one-on-one virtual meeting with me to discuss important points and areas of interest. 

Complete Vedic Natal Chart Written Report + Recorded Solar Return Predictions


You receive the complete Vedic Natal Chart Written report,  the personalized PDF of 12,000 to 15,000 words, as well as a ~20 minute video recording where I discuss your Solar Return chart, a yearly chart of themes and events that begins and ends from one birthday to the next. 


In the Solar Return Recording I discuss themes that you are most interested in knowing about, the probability of certain events happening, and the most opportune times when the planetary energies will be flowing harmoniously with your chart.


Full Spectrum Prediction Session


Are you curious about what the future may hold for you? This is my favorite reading to do because we dive straight into your specific questions about the themes and paths your life is taking, and how to adapt intelligently to the planetary influences taking place.


Single Question Prediction (Prashna / Horary)


This reading is for those who want a straightforward answer about a specific question. This is often called a Horary or Prashna reading, when I cast a chart for the moment I read the question. 

Common questions are:

• Will I get the promotion? Will I make more money soon?

• Am I pregnant? Will I have a safe pregnancy?

• I am sick, when will I get better?

• Will I be able to sell my house/move to a new place?


Solar Return / Birthday Reading


Every year we receive a new chart when the Sun returns to its natal position. This reading is for those interested in the themes and highlights in store for the upcoming year.


This reading includes important dates/time periods when planetary influences combine, and answers to specific concerns regarding the events already happening in your life.

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Vedic Partnership Compatibility Reading


It is an excellent option for new or established couples to discover potential strengths and weaknesses in the relationship. Partnership compatibility is based on the flow of solar/masculine energy and lunar/feminine energy between the two partners.


We will discuss areas of potential strength and areas of potential concern, and whether pursuing the relationship will be worthwhile or how to understand and work to resolve repetitive conflicts.

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