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Complete Vedic
Natal Chart Written Report +
Solar Return Recording

The Complete Vedic Natal Chart Written Report is the most comprehensive reading for beginners to Astrology using Vedic techniques with the Tropical Zodiac.  It is presented in an easy to understand way that expounds upon the depth and subtitles of this unique system. 


The written report is extensive - a 12,000 to 15,000 word PDF - which includes:


• Planets in Signs

• Planets in Houses

• Planetary Avasthas - This Sanskrit word means "conditions" and is a feature unique to Vedic Astrology. The avasthas give specific and detailed psychological complexes, both desirable and undesirable.

• House Rulerships eg. 1st House Lord in the 5th House.

• Moon Nakshatra and Ascendant Nakshatra Descriptions

• Important Annual Solar and Lunar Return Dates

In addition, you'll receive an ~20 minute Video Recording of your Solar Return of this year, and usually extend my analysis into the upcoming year depending on the dates.

Information about the Solar Return Reading: 

Birthday celebrations are common in many cultures. From an astrological perspective this makes sense because the moment the Sun returns to your original natal position we can derive valuable information about the themes, events, challenges, and important time periods for the next 365 days. 

Note: This reading doesn't necessarily have to be done on or near your birthday. These readings usually include a look into the following year even if you are only in the beginning or middle of your current solar return period.

These Solar Return techniques are based in the Tajika system of astrology. Tajika techniques were originally developed in Persia, during approx. 800 AD - 1200 AD, and subsequently preserved in northern India. Tajika astrology is a core foundation of modern Western/Hellenistic/Greek astrology.

What does a Solar Return reading reveal?

• Areas of your life that will be of a particular focus for that year, and how to prepare 

• Drawing from information you give me on your own life focuses & concerns we can find when events related to those things are most likely to happen

• The viability of your specific plans for the year being fulfilled, and where difficulties can come from

• Timing specific key periods when planetary energies will combine to produce events

Written Report &
Solar Return Recording - $100


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After the payment has been processed you will receive a direct email from me asking for your birth information and specific topics you would like me to cover during the Solar Return Recording.


Please allow 7 to 10 days for written reports and the recording. I will send you a PDF and an mp4 video file to download.

All sales are final.

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