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The Sky-Clock

The Sky-Clock is the divine instrument that orders everything that happens in our Universe.


Astrology is the study of the Sky-Clock, but during the past 1500 years its true nature has been obscured because of the onset of the Kali-yuga, the dark age of humanity (according to the Vedic measures of time).

We use the Sky-Clock to measure time and the changing cycles of Creation. But it is not separate from us, like a clock on a wall is separate from our physical body.

Earth is a divine realm made up of energetic patterns that are constantly changing. We live within these energies like how a fish swims in water. Dying is when our immortal soul returns to a timeless state beyond the reach of Earth's energetic influence.

The Zodiac is the unconscious body of God, and the planets are the consciousness of God. Without consciousness, the body is nothing more than physical matter.

When we incarnate onto this Earthly plane, our bodies assume an entirely unique combination of these unconscious and conscious forces. 


The Earth's energetic imprint onto our physical body - the natal chart - then interplays with other factors such as genetics, our upbringing, past karmas, our current experiences etc. This is why every single person is entirely different.

The Universe is God's conscious body on a macro level; our individual conscious bodies are a pure reflection of it on a micro level. We are literally made in the image of God. As above, so below.

By studying Astrology we can grow in greater understanding of how these divine energies operate in everything we do and thus discover our unique place in this Creation.

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