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"This was my first time getting a full map reading with a professional, and I have already done it twice with Jean! Before that I had researched and taken partial readings with a bunch of different astrologers following different lines. Jean was straight forward into the main topics that rule my map and very clear in explaining the complicated transits. It opened a big window into understanding what I am going through at the moment. It was not only a guidance but also a stimulus to continue listening to what the stars have to reveal."


Beth L.

"I really appreciate this complete report.  My life may have been a little different if I had knowledge about such a birth chart when I was young. Your report is comprehensive and the analysis really resonated with me."


"Jean Michel is a very knowledgable and respectful professional astrologer. I had the privilege to do a complete reading with him which changed, in a number of ways, how I analyze reality, my behavior, and the current transformations happening to the planet. From this perspective, I see a responsibility to put my body at the forefront of the changes happening in our time.  I recommend Jean Michel for anyone who desires to know more about themselves through this science." 


"Jean Michel's meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of astrological principles were evident throughout the report. His ability to blend the ancient art and science of Vedic astrology seamlessly resulted in interpretations that were both accurate and profound. The report provided me with valuable insights into my life, personality, and the cosmic influences that shape my journey. As a professional astrologer myself, I can confidently vouch for the accuracy of Jean Michel's work."

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