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How Astrology Counseling Can Help You

I use Astrology for two general purposes: 

1. Identifying psychological tendencies

2. Predicting what will happen in the future

Readings with me usually involve a mix of these two because they are endlessly intertwining and affecting one another. 

Life is a mix of destiny and free-will.

I like to describe the birth chart a "life script" that we are co-writing with the Universe. Life is a constant flow of scenes (events) that we are consciously acting within (our choices).

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts.

-William Shakespeare, "As You Like It"

Astrology & Psycholoy
Astrology & Psychology

Counseling can take many forms. Astrology is one approach we can use towards self-improvement.


Astrology contains many powerful tools that can help you re-orientate yourself on your life's path through understanding your inner psychological makeup.


These tools are still mysterious to most people. Until relatively recently Astrology has been considered superstitious, magical, and an arbitrary pseudoscience. 

At its foundation, Astrology is the movements of the Sky-Clock and is based in logic and repeating patterns. Humans are the result of their patterns - thoughts, emotions and behaviors. To change ourselves we need to change our habitual patterns.


We are inseparable from the energetic ocean of Reality - there is no such thing as not being affected by the Sky-Clock's influence. Part of this understanding is accepting who we are and knowing what is possible to change.

The most powerful tool humans have is free-will to set new patterns in order to prevent other undesirable patterns from repeating.


It is the Astrologer's responsibility to study and understand the Sky-Clock's patterns that energetically take root in our psyches from birth and communicate the causes and solutions in a way that is easy to understand.

Emotional Trauma

The unfortunate fact is that nearly everyone in our day and age has suffered from some form of abuse or trauma.

We may have at some point been an innocent victim, but there is always a purpose to take away from it. What happens to us is not by accident or at random - it has the purpose to transform us. How it transforms us is what we have control over.

Astrological counseling can help explain why certain things are happening to us and what we can do moving forward.

Our childhoods set us up with experiences that will shape our psychology for the rest of our lives. Our birth charts reveal patterns, tendencies, environments, strengths, and weaknesses that begin from the moment we are born and which evolve throughout our lives.

Healthy Emotions are Not Irrational

People usually consider emotions to be 'irrational', the polar opposite of logical. But emotions are rational internal responses to specific internal or external causes.

For example, if a loved one dies we feel sad because we will not be able to experience their presence again in this life. The fact is we cannot change the fact the person died, so continuing to grieve a loss beyond a certain point will stagnate our growth in moving forward with our life.


The emotion went from being a logical human reaction to eventually becoming a burden and an illogical way to continually deal with the traumatic event.

Toxic emotional patterns take root in us when we cannot see the logical purpose of the initial emotion and whether it is serving us or harming us. 

When emotions are stagnated within us the rest of our life will become disrupted, bad habits will form, and eventually physical disease.

But most importantly, we have to power to understand and transform our emotions into something useful that will serve us for the better. For the above example, we could create a work of art devoted to the person, talk with others about the positive impact they had on us, say a prayer of remembrance every morning, etc. 

Whether your experience was intensely traumatic or a mental block that you can't seem to get past, my goal as an Astrologer is to use the astrological tools at my disposal to talk through what you may be going through and strategize for ways to make the best for what's to come.

Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future

Predicting specific events to the exact week and day is possible using the techniques of Vedic Astrology.

An event is manifested by many factors happening simultaneously that are unique to a person's birth chart and their current life situation. 


They can be mathematically predicted using the old techniques along with computers that are able to rapidly calculate the changing positions in the sky.

Because of its intricacy, predictions require detailed research into the chart and can take a couple days, depending on the question. If you would like to discuss whether I can make a certain prediction before purchasing, please Contact Me first.

The Window of Opportunity

A major different between Vedic and Western astrology is the use of planetary time periods, called dasas, when certain planets will be activated in your chart. Your dasa schedule is set by the Moon's Nakshatra position at your time of birth and remains fixed throughout your life.


The Vimshottari dasa system from the text Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra goes down to 5 levels, ie. Venus dasa, Mercury sub-period, Saturn sub-sub period, Jupiter sub-sub-sub period, and Rahu sub-sub-sub-sub period, written as Ve/Me/Sa/Ju/Ra. The first level lasts from 6 to 19 years depending on the planet, the second level lasts for several months on average, the third level a few weeks, and the last two levels change every few days or hours.

The first two dasa levels are the most commonly used. Dasas set the theme for that time period based on the planets' sign and house positions in the birth chart, the positions in the varga charts, and its overall condition (avastha) in relation to its friend and enemy planets.

The dasa periods of each planet will produce effects and events that are the natural characteristics of that planet, as well as effects that the planet is ruling in your chart. 

Dasas are windows of time that manifest certain events based on the above factors. Thus, each dasa will be good for producing certain things and not so good for producing other things.

Current Planetary Transits 

If we are running an opportune dasa for a certain type of event to occur, we then look at how the planets are currently moving in the sky and how they are interacting with the planets in our own chart.

When planets that represent ourselves (ascendant lord, atmakaraka, Sun) are interacting with the planets that rule certain areas of life (house lords), the house lords of vargas, as well as with Jupiter and Mercury, events are manifested into reality.

Yes, this process sounds very complicated, and it can be. But this is a practical function of Astrology: Astrologers can do the heavy lifting of judging these many simultaneous factors and indicate the likelihood something will happen whether it be in a few weeks, months, years, or maybe not at all.

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