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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reading format?

I do my readings over Zoom video conference calls. If you do not want to meet over Zoom I create an .mp4 video of me interpreting your chart which I will send to you.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

I will spend time explaining what I'm seeing in the chart, but I treat readings as a two-way conversation that will naturally develop towards what a person needs to hear.

What makes Vedic astrology different from other astrological readings?

Every astrologer will have a unique approach to astrology, as a rule, based in their own experiences and personalities. Vedic astrology is based in ancient texts that have remarkable insights that are completely relevant today.

Vedic astrology has several important tools for interpretation that are not present in Western astrology:

Nakshatras - 27 star constellations, ruled by Vedic deities, that assign how a planet creates what it represents based on the qualities of each nakshatra. These are more ancient constellations than the 12 sign Zodiac which are important for relationship compatibility.

Dasas - periods of time that activate certain planets that bring out the effects of those planets that are assigned by the Moon's nakshatra position at birth.

Vargas - each sign is a 30 degree division of space which are then sub-divided into smaller sections, called vargas, down to divisions of 120. Each varga represents a different area of experience that refines the interpretation of the main birth chart.

For example, the planetary placements in the 2nd divisional chart (a sign divided into 2 sections of 15 degrees each) shows how we use resources to take care of responsibilities and the worldly value that give us concrete satisfaction; the 3rd divisional chart (3 sections of 10 degrees each) shows our sibling relationships, our associates, and how we apply effort; the 4th divisional chart (4 sections of 7.5 degrees) shows our fortune, or our share of the physical world we can enjoy. There are 15 varga charts that Vedic astrologers typically use.

What if I don't know my exact birth time?

If you do not know the exact time of birth it is very helpful if you have an estimate of the approximate time of day or night (the morning, early afternoon, around midnight, etc). If you do not have this estimate I will ask for two or three important days in your life and work to use those days to rectify the birth time to the best of my ability.

The reading may have somewhat less specificity than knowing the exact time, but it is still entirely possible to give accurate interpretations and predictions.

Can you do readings over the phone?

I can conduct phone readings on WhatsApp per request.

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