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The Role of the Astrologer

We are living in an astrological Renaissance that is returning this ancient practice to its rightful position as a concrete science.

My practice focuses on merging the ancient tradition of the Vedic sages with modern scientific precision. But we live in a unique historical moment and must adapt to new circumstances and not rigidly adhere to social norms of the past.

Astrology is a spiritual science that has been used for millennia to study how time changes the beings living on Earth. 

It is 'spiritual' in the sense that we are working with subtle, unseen energies that animate everything around us. It is a 'science' in the sense that it has quantifiable, repeatable and predictable results that have concrete manifestations in our daily lives.

My goal as an Astrologer is to help a person see oneself from a soul-level perspective while still giving practical advice towards a fulfilling path of action moving forward. 

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