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Quarterly Astrological Forecast - June 21 - Sept. 21 2023

Drawing of Cancer, from Liber astrologiae by Georgius Zothorus Zaparus Fendulus, 1450-1492

Key Dates To Observe

Sun Opposition Pluto, Square Rahu & Ketu, Trine Neptune

Venus Retrograde Aspecting Rahu, Ketu, Neptune & Pluto

New Moon in Leo, 5 degrees from Retrograde Venus

Sun & Mercury Conjunct, Trine Jupiter

July 18th - Rahu enters Aries, Ketu enters Libra

(Aspecting Pluto until 8/18)

The North Node Rahu and the South Node Keto switch signs every 18 months, so these following effects are relevant until January 2025. When they change signs we feel a new and unique pull on our subconscious urges, experienced subtly and usually in challenging and stressful ways.

Ketu's position is where we'll crave security, while Rahu's position are the material experiences we are being thrust into in order to balance our lives. Rahu's position is more important because it's where we learn the most about ourselves through trial and error, making mistakes, and facing our fears.

Ketu in Libra creates the need to feel secure by asking for help from others who have what we need which we can't do ourselves. Inside we feel things are easier if we just settle for the best deal, but something else is saying "don't accept that, you can do better."

This is Rahu in Aries creating the urge to "go it alone", follow impulses based on individualistic desires to conquer areas of life that we're most inspired to explore, and to take risks without knowing exactly what will happen when we do. This is a period of time where doing the "hard thing" is now becoming more and more necessary to move forward in life.

In the next 18 months there is a need to develop psychologically by taking chances and not being afraid of what we need as individuals. The fear of "being selfish" holds people back from expressing a bigger vision for their life, and so this is a time to address personal needs and take concrete steps to take command of your direction and vision in life.

The first month of this transit will be particularly interesting to pay attention to because Rahu and Ketu will be aspecting Pluto, the subconscious force of breaking free from self-imposed limitations. There can be a strong internal fire brewing during this period between July 18th - August 18th.

Things to keep in mind during this alignment:

1) Loosen up with dependencies on partners that are unhealthy;

2) Take risks that you've wanted to make, but in the process be strategic and patient. This doesn't mean turn your whole life upside down because of an unachieved ambition, it means don't be afraid to doing what you need to do for yourself;

3) Stake claim to "what's yours" and make concrete efforts to secure and defend it;

4) BE ORIGINAL - making compromises during this time will feel even more dissatisfactory than usual.

July 20 - July 22 - Sun opposition Pluto, square Rahu/Ketu, Sun trine Neptune

July 20-22nd 2023

The Sun opposition to Pluto happens once a year and is a time when our most essential self goes face to face with the reality of "how we're doing" in life compared to who we most aspire to become. It's a time to "level up" our ambitions as we see fit.

This year this alignment is particularly intense because the Sun is almost perfectly squaring the Nodes, as well trining Neptune.

These 3 days will be important to pay attention to. Who we want to become will get a pushback from the psychological work we have been neglecting. These can be very active days mentally and spiritually, a great time for observing where, psychologically, you are being pressured to change.

July 23rd - September 3rd - Venus retrograde in Leo

August 1st - VeR Aspects Rahu & Ketu, Neptune & Pluto

August 16th - New Moon in Leo (5 degrees from VeR)

Squaring Uranus, while Mars Trine Uranus

Venus retrogrades every ~18 months, and I find that the effects are more acutely felt than when other plants retrograde.

During this period of 5 weeks is a time to:

1) Assess what lifestyle changes we need to make to become more consistent and dependable people,

2) Evaluate the quality of our relationship situation;

3) Discover how to better rejuvenate ourselves through healthy living;

4) Focus on making shrewd & practical decisions that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

The Sign Leo is our territory and ability to be steadfast in action and inspiration. This will be a time to see if it's worth investing in the territory in life we've chosen as our own, and if so, it's important to re-affirm why we've chosen it and the benefits it gives us. Is the world we've built (or are building) actually beneficial to ourselves and others?

Venus retrograde is all about being realistic about what we're allowing into our life, the pros and cons, and evaluate whether our decisions are actually making our life better and more fulfilling to live. If we're lacking sufficient devotion to something or someone, this time becomes difficult because we'll be faced with challenges to what we're devoting ourselves to, and are being forced to re-assess whether or not to continue on that path.

August 1st, early on in the retrograde, will be a day when subconscious urges to make important decisions and changes will begin bubbling to the surface.

On August 16th there is a New Moon just 5 degrees away from the retrograding Venus. This is the best time to set a strong intention in motion that is realistic about lifestyle changes that affect our relationships and being committed to the direction we're taking in life. This intention needs to be grounded in doing what's going to give you the greatest sense that life is working in your favor, that things are going to run smoother because of the key changes you're making.

As always, Venus' House position in your chart will determine what area of life this is affecting. Here are some general results:

In the Natal Chart, Leo is in the:

1st House - Devotion with partners and relationships, taking a step up and being a better partner/contributor to a relationship. Finding a new partner, or the search for another worthwhile person to bring into your life, is more activated. Making a decision to devote yourself to something important. Changing one's appearance, style, clothing, hairstyle, etc.

2nd House - Rewards for the changes we've made to make our lives run smoother. Is life comfortable or too stressful? If it's not comfortable, why not? What do we need to do to make it so? Is the road we're on too rough and actually where we want to go? Seeing the benefits of family, and all the responsibilities therein, and caring for loved ones gets heightened.

3rd House - Is entertainment and media adding value to your life? Bodily discipline and steadfast improvement in the way your applying efforts; entertaining others; a heightened focus on learning and adding value to yourself by being a student of something.

4th House - Adding comforts to home life and assessing whether we feel rejuvenated enough at home. Refurbishing vehicles, buying new furniture, appreciating art. What changes do I need to make towards increasing domestic happiness?

5th House - Are my relationships fun or taxing on my vitality? Being a more consistent person; a renewed sense of romance and passion for significant others; Leveling up ability for knowledge - truly understanding something - and not simply having information and facts. Focus on clients in one's business. Important decisions about children.

6th House - Am I too combative and conflictual with people? Learning how to find middle ground and make peace. Practical health assessments, removing toxic habits that harm the body, particularly with digestion. Seeing the opportunities during struggles.

7th House - Rewards for the path we've chosen. Being on the receiving ends of the good things that we're allowing into our life. Seeing the benefits to our relationship and enjoying them; the perks for being in the business we're in; benefiting from public exposure. Enjoying sexual activity.

8th House - How deep are my bonds with others? Am I too dependent, or are others too dependent upon me? Am I psychologically open enough with partners? Enhanced focus on vitality, energizing one's life force. Reading between the lines and seeing under the surface of who other people really are and their true value to your life.

9th House - Assessment of true devotion in marriage/path in life. Re-connecting with parents. Am I benefitting from advanced education? Heightened religious devotion, and evaluation of spiritual leaders. Creating a more consistent lifestyle informed by a higher purpose.

10th House - Being a dependable and honorable person in view of others, re-assessing one's reputation. Am I actually doing what I think will bring me happiness? Worldly activities with significant others, assessing social needs, making important career decisions, re-evaluating value brought into one's life because of the work we do. Relationships with authority figures come into focus, as well as relationship with one' father.

11th House - Evaluating the value received from our social circles, our niche in society. Renewed desires to socialize or go to parties. Relationships with older siblings and elders are heightened. Enjoying the luxuries and good things in life that we've earned from working hard.

12th House - The desire to go on vacation. Evaluating whether a relationship should continue or end. Enjoying sex and being away from the world with a partner. More expense because of relationships, assessing whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

August 24th - September 17th - Mercury retrograde in Virgo

September 6th - Mercury & Sun conjunct, Trine Jupiter

Mercury retrogrades in its own Sign Virgo, a Sign it loves to be in. This is a great time to remove unnecessary details and de-clog our mental processes, getting to what is essential in Mercurial areas of life, such as one's commerce, friendships, ability to gather information and investigate, and to prioritize activities/abilities/hobbies that give a return on the time spent.

A key day during this retrograde period is when Mercury and the Sun join and trine Jupiter. This is a great manifestation day - where our mental focus has been will come alive in a practical way. Since Jupiter is in Taurus there is greater power to manifest financially, amplify practical resources, and feel good about being a responsible person.

September 4th - December 30th - Jupiter retrograde in Taurus

The few days that Jupiter changes direction, either going retrograde or going direct, have a more more pronounced effect than the period of time itself, which is more subtle.

The Sun + Mercury Trine mentioned above happens just a couple days after Jupiter changes direction, so these days will be important to pay attention to, particularly about one's questioning of prevailing belief systems and the belief systems society imposes, as well as sudden financial changes or pivots in new financial directions.

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