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Quarterly Astrological Forecast - December Solstice '23 - March Equinox '24

Important Upcoming Dates

to Mark on Your Calendar

December 27th

Full Moon in Cancer / Mars + Mercury Conjunction

January 20th - 27th

Sun and Pluto Enter Aquarius / (Exalted) Mars + Mercury Conjunction

February 21st - 22nd

Mars + Venus Conjunction

February 28th

Sun/Mercury/Saturn Conjunction

March 18th

Mercury Conjunct Rahu

December 27th ->

Full Moon in Cancer / Jupiter Trine Sun, Jupiter Sextile Moon / Mars and Mercury (Retrograde) Conjunct, while squaring Neptune (this day is addressed in the video below "When Will the Cyber Attack Happen?")

The Full Moon in her own Sign Cancer comes but once a year, and is what makes the holiday season such an emotionally dynamic time. This is a good day to identify the things that bring genuine happiness into your life, and surround yourself with a loving environment. If you’re planning a holiday get-together with friends or family this is certainly the most optimal day.

Chandra - the Moon

This will be a very Jupiterian Full Moon as well - take time to appreciate the abundance in your life, in whatever form it takes. Gratefulness brings heightened wisdom and a sense of grace on this Full Moon, and benedictions from unexpected places. 

On the same day, we have the first of two Mars/Mercury conjunctions. Mercury is Retrograde in Sagittarius this time - a tendency for brash speech and accelerated mental activity. Thoughts percolating over the past few weeks will bear their fruits. Neptune’s influence adds greater thirst to your desires, which can make them unquenched or indecisive about how to actually make your dreams a reality.

Whatever conflicts that may arise, focus on resolving them carefully, strategically and with a cool head. Mars and Mercury meet again in Capricorn on Jan. 27th, where Mars will be Exalted. Careful, thoughtful actions will be rewarded with successful outcomes to problems by this day (see below for video).

December 31 - January 2nd ->

Jupiter goes direct in Taurus / Mercury goes Direct in Sagittarius

Just in time for the New Gregorian Year Jupiter goes direct in Taurus, and Mercury goes direct a couple days later in Capricorn.


These are the two "manifesting planets" that make things happen in life, they bring things out of our minds and into concrete reality. These couple of days will help motivate you towards pushing forward with business and financial plans, and friends and mentors may appear to stimulate new educational opportunities.

Cautious optimism for what lies ahead in the coming months, monetary concerns can take a positive turn, and recommitment to long-term projects are all enhanced. 

January 20th ->

Sun + Pluto enter Aquarius

Pluto has been dancing on the cusp of Aquarius since March, and re-enters on the exact same day as the Sun.

The Sun is the first planet and Pluto is the last planet, and these two are framing humanities consciousness in a collective concern for the future, and a sense that ‘something is missing’ can take hold on this day in particular. “Technological progress” may feel like more of a burden than a benefit.

This can be a good day to consider your long-term needs for a more fulfilling life. Consider gardening and working with nature as one of these needs - Aquarius rules the natural world and the slow but productive agricultural process.

January 27th ->

Mercury Conjunct Mars while Trining Uranus, Squaring Rahu + Ketu

This will be a powerful, high-energy day in several respects, mainly because Mars is Exalted and Conjunct the activity-centered planet Mercury. Take advantage of the burst of energy and turn unexpected challenges into opportunities. Strategic and organizational abilities are especially enhanced.

I go into more detail about this day in particular in this companion video to this Forecast (you can skip to 14:20 to when I talk about the day specifically):

February 21st - 22nd ->

Mars + Venus Conjunction / Opposition Waxing Moon

Romantic passions flare up on Mars and Venus conjunctions, there’s no two ways around it, but happening in Saturn’s sign may quell the energy just a tad, making this a a good couple of days to enjoy a day and night on the town rather than just in private. Enjoy satiating desires in a healthy way, refrain from lusty attitudes, and know when to put on the brakes. 

February 28th ->

Sun/Mercury/Saturn Conjunction in Pisces while Sextile Jupiter 

Saturn and Mercury combusted (frustrated/outshined) by the Sun in Pisces will create a very introverted energy on this day. Taking a submissive and contemplative attitude towards the magnitude and complexity of creation will help you take a step back and to not overthink your personal limitations.

Jupiter further activates this conjunction with an “unseen positive” effect, and also rules these planets because they are in his sign Pisces, making this a good day for spiritual activity, philosophical exploration, and growing in self knowledge. Quite simply, this is the best day during the next few months to "take it easy" (and enjoy the Leap Day, February 29th).

March 18th ->

Mercury + Rahu Conjunction in Aquarius

Man riding a chariot with the head of Rahu

Quick Mercury conjunct extroverted Rahu so close to the equinox will make for a fast-paced and experimentally-minded day.

Take advantage on this innovative energy by trying something new you've been considering, make a day trip or travel somewhere new that stimulates new thoughts and ideas.

The Equinox in March is the best time to launch a creative endeavor, start a business, and make an important life-change. This conjunction will certainly add energy and fuel to the fire, so take advantage!

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