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March Equinox 2024 Astrological Forecast

Happy Astrological New Year! 

The March Equinox is the most energetically powerful time of year. It is the best time to start something new and make a proper “new years resolution”, which has a much greater chance to be fulfilled than making one on January 1st.

The Sun enters Aries on March 20th this year and is Exalted there, meaning our core being has the strength of initiation, taking intelligent risks to accomplish a long-term goal, and a renewed vision to create a better world for ourselves.

Note where in the zodiac that the below transits are happening and check your natal chart to see house cusps and planets that will be affected. You can also book a reading with me for more in-depth study of how the transits will be affecting your life.

Important Dates to Mark on Your Calendar:

March 25th - Lunar Eclipse

April 2nd - 24th - Mercury Retrograde in Aries

April 8th - Solar Eclipse

April 10th - Mars Conjunct Saturn

April 20th - Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

June 6th - New Moon in Gemini Conjunct Venus / Square Saturn

March 25th -

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is happening at 5 degrees Scorpio, so check what planets and House Cusps are in 5 degrees in Scorpio as well as in Taurus (where the Sun will be). These are the areas of life and planets that are going to be the most impacted.

Each eclipse is a part of a ~1300 year cycle of eclipses, so to fully understand the effects of any eclipse it’s important to know the “foundational eclipse” of that cycle, which sets the energetic effects of the entire cycle. This particular Lunar Eclipse cycle started in May 888 A.D.

To learn about the full effects of this Lunar Eclipse, and the large cycle this eclipse is a part of, watch my recent video:

April 2nd - April 24th -

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

When Mercury goes retrograde it is a time to re-assess our habits of communication and to re-organize ourselves to make our lives work better. This means reducing clutter in our mental world, being clear about the possibilities in front of us, and intelligently finding ways to manifest our ideas into reality.

Whatever house cusp and planets Mercury is retrograding over in your natal chart are what Mercury is going to help you re-organize. And being in Aries, it can be a good time to take calculated risks and put initiative into doing what you’re most inspired/driven to do. During the retrograde period rely more upon your own will-power and ability to manifest what you want, rather than hesitate and ask others for their input. 

1st House - Assessing the best options in your life’s path, making small but important changes to your direction in life. A solid time to strategize your best options and next move.

2nd House - Re-assessing your communication style - “Am I saying what I want to express?”. This is a good time to re-organize finances and survey new economic opportunities.

3rd House - “Am I putting enough effort forward to get what I want?” A good time to work on communication with associates, co-workers and siblings. Re-assess educational opportunities, take up a new hobby, pick up where you left off in a course, learn something new and useful.

4th House - Re-think how you are communicating what you feel by not beating around the bush. Tell the truth even if it risks hurting another person. Re-organizing your home, start new projects around the house, getting repairs or cleaning your car/vehicles.

5th House - Have fun, be playful and do things that make you feel the most alive, even if they are things you have to do alone. Reorganize creative projects, and a good time to discover new creative outlets. 

6th House - Start a new health regimen that works for your specific situation/body type, or make adjustments to your physical health. Get practical and make changes to our daily routine that need changing.

7th House - Re-assess your communication style with romantic and business partners. A good time to make a little extra money on the side or think of new ways to market your abilities.

8th House - Study astrology or other occult subjects that you have a hobby or love for. A good time to explore and experiment with new ideas relating to your own psychology. Help others with their finances or your partners finances.

9th House - “Are my beliefs helping or hindering me in creating a life that works for me?” Starting a new path towards advancing your education, taking on a teaching role, and renewed communication with your parents, teachers or with people whom your respect. 

10th House - Assessing new options for a career, or experimenting with new habits and work techniques. See what’s working and what needs to be changed to make your career something you enjoy doing. 

11th House - Seeing new options and experimenting with new social groups, or making new friends. Reaffirming what goals and ambitions you want to manifest, aspirations that are uniquely yours.

12th House - Managing spending habits, taking time for yourself to be alone. “What can I get rid of in my life that will make it more enjoyable?”

April 8th - Solar Eclipse in Aries

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is happening at 19 degrees in Aries, so check what planets and House Cusps are in 19 degrees in Aries. These are the areas of life and planets that are going to be the most impacted.

Just like Lunar Eclipses, Solar Eclipses can only be understood within the context of their larger ~1300 year cycle, and the “foundational eclipse” of that cycle. This particular solar eclipse cycle started in May 1501.

To see the full effects of this Solar Eclipse see my video:

April 9th - April 12th -

Mars Conjunct Saturn

(April 10th = Exact)

Mars is the will-power to get things done quickly, while Saturn is the force that slows us down and analyzes the stark reality of things. The two become conjunct about every two years and it is a time that can feel like life slams on the brakes when we don’t want it to. Problems can suddenly appear that feel insurmountable, or overcoming them seems a lot harder than we anticipated. 

These few days can become stressful and conflicts can arise related to whatever House the transit will be happening in your chart (14 degrees Pisces). Essentially, our ability to strategize and resolve conflicts gets put on hold, so be very careful not to overexert yourself. Putting too much force and energy into something that isn’t working can cause sudden physical accidents, or unintended negative consequences.

During these few days it’s important to remember what you can change and what you can’t change. It can be easy to become frustrated and angry when things don’t go your way, so don’t take setbacks too personally and allow them to pass. Saturn teaches us that sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing, so these can be a good few days to recharge your batteries and preserve your energy.

April 15th - April 26th -

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 

(April 20th = Exact)

This Conjunction happens every 13 years.

Uranus is a planet that brings newness and innovation into our lives, oftentimes through chance encounters, sudden creative ideas, sparks of inspiration, and unconventional circumstances. Uranus transits can cause apparently random and surprising things to happen which are meant to steer us in a direction that helps us become more of ourselves, to expresses our uniqueness with more fervor and strength. 

So when Uranus transits Jupiter - the planet of wealth, beliefs, creativity, and abundance - the Jupiterian areas of life can get a sudden bolt of change through the insertion of a new factor into the equation, ie. somebody, something, some idea, that we did not have before. During the peak transit period, and especially on April 20-21st, there is a heightened ability for us to “catch” new ideas flowing through the aether, and feel a surcharge of innovation and the creative spirit. Uranus is “ideas whose time has come”, which may seem eccentric and unusual at first, but are necessary for consciousness on Earth to progress.

On the exact day of a Jupiter-Uranus transit - Jan. 4th 2011 - a Tunisian man self-immolated (set himself on fire) which rapidly set into motion the Arab Spring series of political uprisings throughout the Middle East.

You can see the planetary energies involved in this example: Uranus is the planet of electricity (wavelengths of fire) and anything that flies through the air, such as airplanes, ideas, and the subtle (invisible) energies, Uranus helped cause a very quick series of events to unfold from a man sacrificing himself to draw attention to an important idea. Jupiter is a fire planet that rules our philosophy/belief system/morality and gives us the inspiration to spread our beliefs to the whole of society. 

The combination of these two planets is highly combustable, even in the literal sense, and can make events expand (Jupiter=expansion) with incredible speed.

This is a great period of time to embrace change and the unexpected, and to ride the wave of new ideas that flow into you. Be open and have faith that any changes can have long-term benefits even if they take the form of turbulence in the short term.

The new ideas will revolve around the house cusp in your natal chart that the conjunction is happening in (21 degrees Taurus), but can have a distinct Jupiterian character to them, such as about finances, children, creative inspiration, high-levels of knowledge, spirituality, an optimistic outlook on life, and the material manifestation of things into your life that support the feeling of goodness flowing through you.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth video on this Conjunction on my YouTube channel.

June 6th -

New Moon in Gemini Conjunct Venus

and Square Saturn 

Embracing the Moon’s cycle means setting intentions on a New Moon, growing that intention until it’s fruition at the Full Moon, and allowing whatever doesn’t serve our needs to dissolve away during the waning period until the next New Moon.

The New Moon in Gemini presents an opportunity to focus on our social skills and our talents/abilities that improve our self-image, and work on these areas of life until he Full Moon two weeks later. Being conjunct Venus shows that our relationships will be under close scrutiny, and the need to feel loved and appreciated will be heightened. The awareness of “Am I getting a good deal in this relationship?” can become prevalent. 

Saturn’s Square aspect on this Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction gives the feeling that something is missing in a relationship (romantic or professional), or a focus on “what’s wrong” and seeing the faults in a partner. It can also mean the feeling of a lack of self-love, emotionally emptiness, and the longing to fill a gap within us with something that exists outside of us.

Because Saturn is a natural friend to Venus it’s not an entirely cold and pessimistic aspect, which can help increase our appreciation for other people despite their faults, and having the inner knowing that perseverance solves most temporary problems.

Being in the highly sociable Sign Gemini can mean feeling the need for an emotional connection outside of our home/committed partnership. During this Moon Cycle it can be beneficial to spend more time in public, at social events, and seeking camaraderie with others that is purely platonic (either with or without your partner). Be curious to explore and experiment, and try to refrain over-analyzing whatever partnerships you may be in.

Enjoy the next few months and reach out to me at if you have any questions.

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