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Flurry of Cyber Attacks, As Predicted - Jan. 14th - 27th

In my video on Dec. 20th 2023, I predicted that January 27th 2024 would be a very active day, in general, and also ripe for some kind of cyber attack. I also mentioned several other days in the coming months that have potential for larger scale cyber attacks that affect millions of people, not just select companies.

In January 2023, The World Economic Forum issued a warning of a large-scale cyber attack being imminent within “two years”.

Last Saturday, January 27th, Ukraine, which as the full support of the WEF, launched a cyber attack of their own against a Russian industrial tech firm, IPL Consulting, which engages in IT “design, production of automotive and aviation components, heavy machinery, production of equipment and appliances” and other weapons infrastructure for Russia. The attack destroyed 60 Terabytes of data and dozens of servers and databases.

A week earlier, on Jan 22nd, a Wall Street firm called EquiLend, which is owned by Blackrock, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and others, was hit by a breach of security that sent their systems offline. The firm processes trillions of dollars of securities transactions a month, and it is not clear who the culprit was.

The week leading up to the 27th was very active in the world of cyber security, as Microsoft Corp, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, a Pennsylvania county government office, and specific Swedish government agencies, all announced they were hit by cyber attacks. Wired magazine published a comprehensive article about Israeli hacking firms on the 25th, and other articles were published addressing similar comprehensive concerns for the United States cyber warfare infrastructure.

The astrological reason for these attacks was Exalted Mars in Capricorn (warfare) being approached by Mercury (communications), which entered Capricorn on Jan. 14th, and a full conjunction of the two on January 27th.

Adding fuel to fire was Uranus (sudden, explosive changes) trined that conjunction, and both the Sun (governments) and Pluto (destruction) entered Aquarius (humanity as a whole) on December 21st. 

All of these factors contributed to the flurry of cyber warfare events from January 14th to January 27th.

Do hackers and government cyber warfare departments hire astrologers to tell them when the best times for a cyber attack are? I haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever. 

Is it a coincidence that this period leading up to a strong Mars/Mercury conjunction was so active in cyber attacks? It’s not because astrological influences are working on the subtle layer of reality, in our personal lives and in worldwide events.

It’s true that cyber attacks are becoming more common, and we’re going to see them pick up with frequency and potency.

Watch the video of my general predictions from last December for the upcoming dates. In short, the eclipse season in early April, specifically April 18 - 22nd, when the planet of wealth, Jupiter, is conjunct the Uranus, which can cause sudden disruptions to financial systems in general.

Also, just before that time Mars is transiting Saturn, which will slow down people’s self defense, when problems can become disorientating and not knowing what we can change and what may be inevitable. And finally, Mercury and Venus, the planets of commerce, business, and the exchange of ideas, are transiting over Rahu, which can further escalate the sense of confusion, and illusions, about those areas in life and world events. 

What can we do about cyber attacks? Invest your money in hard assets, such as land, real estate, tools, seeds, and food to last you at least a week to survive through a massive Internet shutdown. Be friendly with your neighbors, and have supplies in case of an emergency. 

Back up your digital information on your own physical hard drives, don’t rely on cloud services. If you use crypto currencies, don’t store them on exchanges but rather cold wallets.

Watch the Video version of this article here, which has animated transit charts to help illustrate the planetary movements in this article:

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