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Venus Retrograde in Leo - July 23rd - September 3rd

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Key Dates within the Retrograde Period:

August 1st - VeR Aspects Rahu & Ketu, Neptune & Pluto

August 16th - New Moon in Leo (5 degrees from VeR)

Squaring Uranus, while Mars Trine Uranus

Venus retrogrades every ~18 months, and it is the planet that retrogrades the least frequently, making its effects more readily felt (Venus is retrograde 7% of the time, Mars 9% of the time, and Mercury 19% of the time).

The retrograde will happen in the Sign Leo, which is our territory and ability to be steadfast in action and inspiration. This will be a time to see if it's worth investing in the territory in life we've chosen as our own, and if so, it's important to re-affirm why we've chosen it and the benefits it gives us. Is the world we've built (or are building) actually beneficial to ourselves and others?

During this period of 6 weeks is a time to:

1) Assess what lifestyle changes we need to make to become more consistent and dependable people;

2) Evaluate the quality of our relationship situation;

3) Discover how to better rejuvenate ourselves through healthy living;

4) Focus on making shrewd & practical decisions that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

Venus retrograde is all about being realistic about what we're allowing into our life, the pros and cons, and evaluate whether our decisions are actually making our life better and more fulfilling to live. If we're lacking sufficient devotion to something or someone, this time becomes difficult because we'll be faced with challenges to what we're devoting ourselves to, and are being forced to re-assess whether or not to continue on that path.

August 1st is a day when subconscious urges to make important decisions and changes can begin bubbling to the surface.

The "Rose of Venus" - the 8 year movement of Venus in relation to the Earth, Astronomie populaire. 1854.

On August 16th there is a New Moon just 5 degrees away from the retrograding Venus. This is the best time to set a strong intention in motion that is realistic about lifestyle changes that affect our relationships and being committed to the direction we're taking in life. This intention needs to be grounded in doing what's going to give you the greatest sense that life is working in your favor, that things are going to run smoother because of the key changes you're making.

As always, Venus' House position in your chart will determine what area of life this is affecting. Here are some general results:

In the Natal Chart, Leo is in the:

1st House -

  • Devotion with partners and relationships; taking a step up and being a better partner/contributor to a relationship

  • Changing one's physical appearance, style, clothing, hairstyle, etc;

  • Finding a new partner / the desire to add a worthwhile people into your life

  • Making a decision to devote yourself to something important

2nd House -

  • Lifestyle changes related to diet, eating healthier and more rejuvenating foods

  • Are my responsibilities making life run smoother? or adding too much stress?

  • Do I need to get rid of some responsibilities?

  • Seeing the benefits of family and caring for loved ones

  • Important financial decisions come into focus / saving and spending habits

3rd House -

  • How is entertainment and media adding value to my life?

  • Entertaining others

  • More exercise and emphasis on bodily discipline

  • Am I applying enough effort to get what I want/need?

  • A heightened focus on learning and being a good student

  • Feeling valued by siblings / co-workers

4th House -

  • Adding physical comforts to home life

  • Assessing whether we feel rejuvenated enough at home

  • Refurbishing vehicles, buying new furniture, appreciating art

  • What changes do I need to make to increase my domestic happiness?

  • Evaluating the condition of one’s heart

5th House -

  • Are my relationships fun or taxing on my vitality?

  • Being a more consistent person

  • A renewed sense of romance and passion for significant others

  • Leveling up ability for knowledge - truly understanding something - and not simply having information and facts

  • Focus on clients in one's business

  • Important decisions about children

6th House -

  • Am I too combative and conflictual with people?

  • Learning how to find middle ground and make peace

  • Feeling fulfilled by serving/nursing/comforting others

  • Practical health assessments, removing toxic habits that harm the body, particularly with digestion

  • Seeing the opportunities during struggles

7th House -

  • Receiving the rewards for the path we've chosen, good and bad

  • Seeing the benefits to our relationship and enjoying them / the perks for being in the business we're in

  • Benefiting from public exposure

  • Enjoying sexual activity

8th House -

  • Focus on financial situation of the partner

  • Am I too dependent, or are others too dependent upon me?

  • Enhanced focus on vitality, energizing one's life force

  • Reading between the lines and seeing under the surface of who other people really are and their value to your life

9th House -

  • Assessment of true devotion in marriage/path in life

  • Re-connecting with parents

  • Is it worth continuing higher education? Why or why not

  • Heightened religious devotion, and evaluation of spiritual leaders

  • Creating a more consistent lifestyle informed by a higher purpose

10th House -

  • Re-assessing one's reputation

  • Am I actually doing what I think will bring me happiness?

  • Worldly activities with significant others

  • Making important career decisions

  • How much value does my career have?

  • Relationships with authority figures come into focus, as well as relationship with one' father

11th House -

  • Evaluating one’s social circles and niche in society.

  • Renewed desires to socialize and go to parties

  • Relationships with older siblings and elders are heightened

  • Enjoying the luxuries and good things in life that we've earned from working hard

12th House -

  • The desire to go on vacation

  • Evaluating whether a relationship should continue or end

  • Enjoying sex and being away from the world with a partner

  • More expense because of relationships, assessing whether the juice is worth the squeeze

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