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The Structure of the Universe according to the Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 5

"Each Dvipa is divided into Varsas bounded by mountains. The 6 outer Dvipas were all ruled by different sons of Priyavrata (son of Manu) except for Kusa-Dvipa whose king was a grandson. When each king retired, he divided his Dvipa amongst his sons, after which the Varsas are named. Each Dvipa has 4 Varnas corresponding to Brahman, Ksatriya, Vaisya, and Sudra (the 4 castes).

2. Plaksa - Sun

3. Salmali - Soma (Moon)

4. Kusa - Fire

5. Kraunca - Water

6. Saka - Wind

7. Puskara - Visnu seaton on lotus"

The Vedic description has an interesting correspondance to European alchemical descriptions of the universe from the middle ages.

Read the full text here:

Chapter 16 describing Jambudvipa:

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