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The Iron Age

This is the Age of Darkness, when moral decay has inflicted most members of society. This period is rife with war, famine, vast inequality of resources, and the decline of spiritual practices.

This physical reality is at its most dense, and very few people are able to access the subtle levels of Creation. Human beings are at their smallest stature and live short and difficult lives.

This is the time of most of our known history, including ancient China, Tenochtitlan (Mexico), Persia, Greece, Rome, the events of the Bible, and medieval Europe. The power elite rule through coercion and violence, rather than their ethical authority as in previous Ages.

Even though life is the most difficult, individual souls have the greatest opportunity to advance spiritually very quickly. This is because karmic effects are felt more intensely, and from these difficulties a person has the opportunity to look inward and grow spiritual amidst this external pressure.

After Kali-yuga Iron Age comes the Ascending Dvapara-yuga, when the power systems become more balanced with nature and the spiritual needs of the people.

The Earth gradually becomes less dense and more etheric to be conducive with spiritual growth, as well as humans’ ability to harness the electro-magnetic forces of Earth.

For more detailed information about the Cycle of Ages and the Iron Age, watch my 6-part series.

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