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The Golden Age

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The Golden Age - this is the most divine and ethereal Age when the beings live extremely long lives spent in meditation.

There is no conflict, organized society, nor the need to cultivate food because of the complete abundance on Earth.

In fact, there is no cause and effect or “karma”, as every thought is immediately manifested materially. Everyone is telepathic, so nothing can be hidden from oneself or from others. For this reason it is the Age of Truth, and only souls with high spiritual advancement can incarnate during this time.

The spiritual path is the dominant activity, and the beings are focused on austerity (piety, retaining the life force) in order to merge their individual consciousness into the Source.

The Bible metaphorically alludes to the Golden Age as the Garden of Eden, where total abundance and peace reigns on Earth.

Gradually, the Earthly vibration becomes less etheric as the Silver Age approaches, and the first societies form to allocate resources as they spend more time in material existence.

The first societies that emerged during the Descending Golden Age could have been the long-lost civilization of Lemuria, which has been associated with Kumari Kandam, the continent that submerged beneath the Indian Ocean and which structures and artifacts have been found.

Watch The Golden Age video on Youtube for more detailed information:

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