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The Bronze Age

This is the Age of Electricity, when humanity is able to harness the powers of electrical currents, for the sake of connecting society together and also on an individual level in understanding the electrical currents of the body.

In the Descending Bronze Age, Earth is much less etheric than the two previous Ages, and at least half of the members of society are more concerned with their material existence than following the spiritual path.

More serious conflicts take place amongst societies for the battle over resources, territory, and ethical dilemmas start to take center stage. While many beings have “powers” deemed magical today, they are beginning to be misused for the purpose of controlling other people.

This is the time of the Vedic epic Mahabharata, the tale of two competing dynasties and overseen by the divine incarnation Krishna. It is also when the Vedic texts were written down for posterity because of the decline in human intelligence and memory.

The oldest ancient societies known to modern science likely took place during this period, such as ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian civilizations like Sumer.

Sri Yukteswar proposed that we are currently in the Ascending Bronze Age, having left the Ascending Kali Yuga in the year 1700. If this is true, it helps explain the rapid expansion of electrical technologies since then, as well as a renewed understanding of how our bodies circulate electrical energy through our chakras.

For more detailed information about the Bronze Age, watch my 6-part series on the Cycle of Ages:

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