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Mercury Retrograde - August 24th - September 15th

Mercury is Exalted and Retrograding in his Own Sign Virgo for the next 3 weeks.

This can be a time of fluctuation between the extremes Pisces and Virgo, namely wanting to relax, contemplate, and drift along, but Virgo is forcing us to deal with nagging day-to-day material issues.

Mercury Retrograde brings our focus towards how to communicate (verbally and non-verbally), our understanding of how the world is assembled together and the patterns we see in it, and necessary research we have to do to make our lives run smoothly - how we manage our life.

This retrograde season is a great time for:

1. Tightening up your work routine

2. Being more articulate / less wordy in communication

3. Removing wasteful habits

4. Improving your workflow efficiency

5. Identifying and upgrading what is functioning well in day-to-day material life

The most important date is September 9th when Mercury conjuncts the Sun and they both Trine Jupiter in Taurus.

Re-organize what needs to be re-organized in your life - September 9th can be a very prosperous day for expanding knowledge, finances, and spirituality. Build up to this day. If you have any planets or house cusp points between 13° - 18° Capricorn, expect a burst of energy to that planet/cusp.

Themes for each Ascendant

Your Ascendant is:

Aries - Intelligently pick your battles, legal issues, a good time for an intestinal detox, service mentality, upgrade your skill sets.

Taurus - Creative problem solving, expanding knowledge/education, financial re-organization, eating healthier, joy in family life.

Gemini - Heightened intuition, prioritizing a stable home life, emotional health, body-mind connection to health, managing wealth.

Cancer - Improving on skills, becoming a more effective communicator, traveling, contemplative mentality.

Leo - Making an intelligent financial strategy, making new friends / reconnecting with old friends, re-organizing family priorities, putting material possessions in order.

Virgo - Education/learning/research, career management, upgrading health profile and disease prevention, re-assessing vision for success.

Libra - Getting rid of unnecessary expenses, more time for contemplation, traveling, deepening one’s ideas about purpose in life.

Scorpio - Re-organizing goals, business networking, managing income, new business opportunities.

Sagittarius - career management, public service, travel, intelligent communication in business and private relationships.

Capricorn - writing, travel for higher education, expanding knowledge base, managing one’s purpose, being on the right side of the law and justice.

Aquarius - managing other people’s money, intelligent investment strategy, enhancing vitality, upgrading emotional intelligence.

Pisces - traveling, working with the public, communication in relationships, emotional health, making smart business decisions.

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