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Quarterly Astrological Forecast - Equinox March 20th 2023

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

From the book "Liber astrologiae" by Georgius Zothorus Zaparus Fendulus, 1140 AD

Important Single Dates at a Glance:

April 20th - 21st - Solar Eclipse with Jupiter within 6 degrees / Mercury goes Retrograde

May 5th - Lunar Eclipse with Jupiter within 7 degrees

May 16th - Jupiter Enters Taurus

May 30th - June 3rd - Jupiter Conjunct Rahu

Watch the Forecast on Youtube:

Topics Covered in Detail Below:

  1. March 23rd - Pluto Enters Aquarius

  2. April 20th - 21st - Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Aries

  3. April 21st - May 15th - Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

  4. May 16th - Jupiter Enters Taurus

  5. May 30th - June 3rd - Jupiter Conjunct Rahu

General Predictions:

- The two Eclipses involving Jupiter will expose misplaced optimism, societal-wide over-spending, faulty belief systems; introspection about where to invest one's creative potential; learning to see growth opportunities where others see obstacles. I think unstable financial markets will be a major focus and cause worry and inner turmoil. These Eclipses can also have a passionate side to them, and Jupiter will expand people's desire to procreate, or strong sexual desires in general.

- Jupiter entering Taurus will re-focus people on tangible and not speculative wealth/unnecessary financial risk; a focus on expanding relationships with family and close friends and the feelings of goodness that comes from being responsible and dependable; bringing beliefs and ideals into the real world through long-term planning and perseverance.

- The next 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius will involve greater interweaving of the collective consciousness, causing reactions against technology being used to control humanity. New "free energy" technologies created and used in local contexts; a focus on oceans, water and shores, coastal cities, water purification, the "global south" and tropical locations as important for the future of humanity.

March 23rd - Pluto Enter Aquarius

Pluto is the slowest moving planet and so these changes have generational effects. As a non-visible outer planet, Pluto affects the subconscious of humanity and our personal subconscious.

What is Pluto doing? It destroys our ego’s need for security through the indications of the Sign it is in, reflected by the Sign opposite it. When we realize we cannot cling to security with that Sign, we transform our understanding of security by connecting to the Divine Source, which is ultimately the only sustainable place to realize inner security.

On the individual level, Pluto destroys our personal ego's attachment to things that make us feel secure, which creates instability and insecurity, in order to stimulate a rebirth of our understanding of how our ego feels secure.

Throughout Pluto's transit through Capricorn (which began in Jan. 2008) we've experienced a fundamental change in the way our material lives are now governed by electronic communication via smart phones and digital technology. This has had major consequences to collective mental health and created a society that is anxious, irritable, tense and over-stimulated, which is how Pluto affected Cancer, the opposite side of Capricorn.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which creates a sensation of lack or distance from our Higher Self, and also rules over the common person. Capricorn is a Moveable Earth Sign, which focuses us on the materialistic adaptations we need to survive. So Pluto in Capricorn helped bring the world together so we could share in our unease and discontent, in order to transform how we deal with anxiety, guilt and the self-imposed limitations that hold us back from expressing our true selves. Most of us now depend on technology in order to survive, which has created a fundamentally new way that humanity now relates to itself, for better and worse.

So where is this leading us? Pluto in Aquarius will have similar effects because it is also ruled by Saturn, but the major difference will be in humanity's ability to transform built up psychological complexes into a rebirth in the way we communicate with collective consciousness and our own higher consciousness.

Pluto in Aquarius will exaggerate the sense of isolation that the internet creates, and will force people to look beyond themselves to find inner security. The notion that everyone is completely different, that agendas are separating us into innumerable categories, will reach a tipping point and people will need to break out of the social confines they put themselves in.

Aquarius is an Air Sign, so greater communication and technological innovations are likely to continue, but the powers that be's purpose to subjugate and control humanity through technology will not be able to survive long-term because Aquarian energy, ultimately, leads us towards discovering inner fulfillment through connecting with the divinity that is always within us. The more humanity is tightly controlled the more the pressure builds up for a great rebellion against it. Per the Latin saying: "Vox populi, vox dei" - "the voice of the people is the voice of God."

I believe there will be "unauthorized" technologies created, such as free energy that does not pollute, and electrical currents taken from the aether that require no middle person or business to regulate. Such technologies will be developed out of necessity and implemented very slowly, and won't be mass produced because the competition, ie the oil, gasoline, and centralized electricity grids, tend to stop at nothing to destroy this competition by all means necessary, as has been the case for the past 100+ years. The best use of "free energy" will be amongst local populations.

As many people have noted, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius sparked the American Revolution and the founding principles of a nation that would eventually become the most powerful in the world. Will a new nation be born this time around? It is hard to say, but the important point is that Pluto in Aquarius develops the collective's sense of united consciousness that the powers that be cannot blithely ignore forever, to their own peril.

The symbol of Aquarius is a man on an island pouring a jar of water, and the island aspect of the symbol should not be overlooked. I believe there will be a renewed focus on the "global south", tropical countries, island nations, and people gravitating their interests towards coastal cities with warm weather. There may also be a great focus on water itself, the preservation of water, the lack of fresh and clean water, and new technologies for desalinization or water purification.

I believe oceans will become very important in many ways: conflicts over the oceanic borders, people being forced to live on ships and sailboats in order to escape problems inland, cataclysms may occur that create islands, and there could be destruction wrecked against coastal cities in the "global north". Remember, Pluto is about destruction and rebirth, so anything that is destroyed that gave a sense of security will ultimately be for the transformation of of one's inner sense of security, the highest expression being the security found by connecting to one's Divine Self beyond materiality.

April 20th - 21st - Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Aries

The first Eclipse this year is on the end cusp of Aries and entering into Taurus, and the Sun/Moon Conjunction (New Moon) is happening about 4 degrees from the North Node Rahu, making this a particularly strong eclipse. Solar Eclipses, similar to New Moons, are about beginning new cycles, but since Eclipses are volatile events by their nature the new cycle that is being initiated can be experienced with a lack of clarity, unsureness, or a burst of unrestrained energy that waits to see what the results will be after the dust settles.

The most important part of this Eclipse, and the following Lunar Eclipse two weeks later, is that Jupiter is within 7 degrees to both of them. Jupiter is optimism, grace, luck and good fortune, and when getting eclipsed can cause a disruptions in one's creative abilities, worry in the financial world, market volatility, and the sense that one's wealth is not safe. This can give the feeling that what was thought to be good and real was, in fact, an illusion.

Keep an eye out for high passions and the desire to procreate. These two eclipses may surprise people with what deep seeded passions are hidden within them and seek expression, which could burst through in surprising ways.

Find where the end degrees of Taurus and the first degrees of Aries are in your chart and see what House cusps or planets are closest. These will be the areas of life that the Eclipse affects, and I always recommend to slow down and not expend too much energy during Eclipses. It is a good time to be introspective and observe what is happening around you with as much clarity as possible.

Find what new cycles are beginning in your life (usually revolving around the Eclipse House and Sign) and connect with your subconscious to see why a new cycle, or important inner changes, are necessary for your holistic self-development.

April 21st - May 15th - Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

This Retrograde period happens the very same day as the Solar Eclipse, so it is best not to plan any major events on April 19th - 22nd.

Mercury is the force in our psyche we use to investigate, experiment and manage our daily lives. The most important element of Mercury going retrograde is in what House in your Natal Chart it is retrograding. For example, if Taurus is in your 5th House, the way you manage your creative expression, your children, and your physical vitality will come into closer observation. If it is your 10th House, your work life and career will come under closer scrutiny.

Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity to re-assess this area of life and organize it better, so that we can understand how it works better, which ultimately will improve our lives. Mercury is a planet of objective analysis, so make sure that emotional wants and needs aren't interfering with this process. People who fear Mercury Retrograde do so because they are allowing their emotions to blur this objective fact-finding process, and they question the changes Mercury is showing them they need to make.

May 5th - Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon in Scorpio

Part two of this season's Eclipses also contains Jupiter in very close range, and so the new cycle created on Solar Eclipse on April 20th will carry until its full fruition on May 5th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

On the troubling end, misplaced optimism, a fall from grace, and faulty belief systems being exposed, are all in play during this two week period. On the positive end, seeking wisdom and calm amidst troubling exterior circumstances, feeling good despite what others are telling you to feel, and seeing opportunities where others see obstacles.

May 16th - Jupiter Enters Taurus

Jupiter is leaving the adventurous and risk-taking Sign of Aries to spend the next year in the grounded and practical Sign of Taurus. Jupiter's expansive energy in Taurus helps bring greater appreciation of beauty and amplifies our ability to see the value in our physical surroundings, namely our friends, family and home life.

In Aries, Jupiter has a lot of courage and energy to push forward new projects and advance the way we see our ideal life getting manifested through effort and innovation. In Taurus, this is the time to:

  • Manifest beauty in our homes and material surroundings

  • Invest in artists projects, art appreciation, museum and gallery visits

  • Make beliefs grounded in reality / manifest what you believe into something tangible

  • Bring family and friends into personal creative projects

In order to implement these Jupiterian things into our daily routine we need a realistic long-term plan that uses perseverance to get there gradually, step-by-step.

Jupiter's position shows humanity's general disposition towards creating wealth, which translates to the collective temperament towards the global financial markets. As I mentioned in my video on Saturn in Pisces, I believe there will be an internal sense that pull backs on spending are needed, and a more restrictive attitude towards the relentless flow of money.

Only a couple days after Saturn entered Pisces we saw the Silicon Valley Bank failure, as well as a string of other banks facing liquidity crisis. I believe this is a sign of events to come, but first the economic powers in the United States and Europe will continue to use their power to print unlimited money and "kick the can down the road" and deal with the problem at a later date. This won't be able to be sustained for very long, I think later this year, possibly during the April/May Eclipse, there will be a reckoning about becoming more realistic towards how we create wealth and manage it.

June 17 - July 4th - Jupiter and Saturn are in sextile aspect, this can be a time for a healthy restructuring of finances, removing excess while bringing truly valuable and tangible things into your life. This could be one of the several instances when banks shake things up with their regulations and policies, changing the foundation to how money flows around the world.

Jupiter in Taurus will help people see that creating and sustaining true wealth directly involves a connection and appreciation of family and close friends, the physical possessions that have value - items we could trade for something else, if need be. Until Jupiter goes into Gemini in May of 2024, it is a time to accumulate wealth that has a practical use in daily life, which includes wisdom to help us make sound, long-term choices.

May 30th - June 3rd - Jupiter Conjunct Rahu

Jupiter and Rahu are both very expansive and amplify whatever they are affecting. Jupiter amplification happens from an inner inspiration to create and spread the goodness felt within, and Rahu amplifies by thrusting us blindly into new experiences that can cause unintended consequences, both positive and negative.

Be careful that optimism, creative pursuits, and beliefs aren't causing more damage than they are solving. This can be a very positive day as long as Rahu's ability to cast illusions, and prioritize materialistic desires, aren't confusing the reality of the situation.

The Two Most Recent Dates with Jupiter Conjunct Rahu :

- Jan 28 2016 – The World Health Organization announces an outbreak of the Zika virus.

- Jan 26 2009 - Solar Eclipse with Jupiter within 3 degrees - The Icelandic government and banking system collapse. Prime Minister Geir Haarde immediately resigns.

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