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Astrological Forecast - June Solstice - Sept. Equinox 2024

These are key astrological dates to mark on your calendar

for the next three months:

July 5th

The New Moon in Cancer

July 12th - July 19th

Mars and Uranus Conjunction

August 6th - August 28th

Mercury Goes Retrograde in Virgo and Leo

August 14th + 15th

Mars and Jupiter Conjunction

Saturn Sq. Ma/Ju - Venus Sq. Ma/Ju - Venus Opposition Saturn

September 17th

Full Moon in Pisces with Mercury in Opposition to Saturn

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July 5th -

The New Moon in Cancer

A new Moon in her own Sign of Cancer is the time of year for an emotional reset. The Sun and Moon are our core self-identity, and Cancer is a Brahmin Sign, which are Signs that elevate of self-awareness and spiritual consciousness. So this New Moon helps us be honest about our deepest emotional needs, which means our spiritual needs to see ourselves beyond our day-to-day concerns. This New Moon is best for setting the intention to express our emotional needs to loved ones with the utmost clarity and self-awareness.

Venus is also in Cancer on this day, which brings into perspective the emotional quality of our relationships. Are you burdening a significant other with your own personal needs? Do you feel undervalued? Are you overly investing yourself in minor decisions having to do with our partners? While both the Moon and Venus are gentle feminine planets, they aren’t very compatible together because of the excessive amount of empathy involved, and can cause naiveté and self-deception with regards to where your emotions end and where other’s emotions begin.

This can be a time to address where in a relationship we feel emotionally discontent, and set the intention to be more diplomatic emotionally while nurturing the positive and productive elements in relationships.

July 12th - July 19th -

Mars and Uranus Conjunction

Exact - July 16th

No two planets are more explosive together than Mars and Uranus. This conjunction happens every 23 months and produces a sudden burst of mental activity and physical energy which needs to be directed into something productive.


• Exercising more than usual, putting in that extra effort at work;

• Following an inspired thought down a intriguing rabbit hole of ideas;

• Doing something new in your day-to-day routine just to see how it turns out;

... these are some simple ways to satisfy the urges of this conjunction, because the quickened pace and rhythm of life feels very palpable during the week of the conjunction.

From July 12th until the 19th are when repressed ideas and urges can no longer be held down, so follow your inner voice to do something new even if - rather, especially if - it seems strange at first or not very characteristic of yourself.

Uranus brings new things into our life so that we can become more truer expressions of our Sun - the core of our personality that never changes even as we age. Uranus is about liberating us from an old and outdated version of ourselves, while Mars is about the mental concepts of how we should or shouldn’t do something.


So don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box of how you would act in a certain way. This is the “take a walk on the wild side” energy that feels very freeing when you embrace it.

So it’s very important to remember that repressing your inner inspiration to do or say something during this time will cause erratic energy shifts that can lead to sudden accidents, putting yourself into dangerous situations, frustrations that suddenly boil over and cause an angry outburst, or result in impulsive behavior and decisions that you look back on later with regret.

Overall, this is an exciting and fun time to look for new things in your life you are intuitively drawn towards, with an added boost of energy to help you go out and actually pursue it.

August 6th - August 28th -

Mercury Goes Retrograde

in Virgo and Leo

First, Mercury will be Retrograde in his Exalted Sign of Virgo and then moving into Leo. Because he is exalted you can expect a stronger than usual ability for observing minor details and analyzing them in whatever Houses Mercury is retrograding through. Mercury Retrograde is all about recognizing the patterns in your life that are working or aren’t working.

*Key Period of Time*

August 14th + 15th -

Mars and Jupiter Conjunction

Saturn Sq. Ma/Ju - Venus Sq. Ma/Ju -

Venus Opposition Saturn

August will be a very active month for transits, reaching its peak from the 14th to the 19th.

The major transit in August is the Jupiter/Mars conjunction - when our energy and problem-solving ability (Mars) is supporting our inspiration to do what makes us feel good internally (Jupiter). This is a wealth-forming combination because when these two fire planets are working together we are driven to do what we’re most passionate about, and the by-product is that we generate abundance and happiness around us, which is what happens when you’re actively doing what you love to do.

The sobering news is that Saturn is throwing a square aspect right as the exact dates of conjunction which can result in slowing your progress down, when we’re forced to be realistic when we would like to be more idealistic and optimistic. Saturn’s gaze is when doubt can slowly creep in, and the feeling of uncertainty about where to expand in your life and where to cut back, specifically regarding the House cusp that falls in the Sign of Gemini in your chart.

The plans you were carrying out up until August 15th can easily become disrupted, and you may need to stop what you were working towards, take a break, and allow the pieces to fall where they may before carrying on. Pushing too hard and not respecting Saturn’s square (difficult/disrupting) aspect can make you not know when to stop which just leads to wasting your time and energy. Very likely you will already be aware of whatever it is that is causing you to slow down, and it will not come as a surprise to you. It is something already on your radar and you know is unsustainable, not working, or a problem you’ve put off until later.

Saturn forces us to rest and recharge, and sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing for a little while. But not stopping when it’s necessary, especially when it involves Mars, can lead to severe miscalculation or misjudging the nature of a problem, putting your energy where it’s not needed such as not minding your own business, and trying to force something to work that is not meant to work. Saturn’s Square of Jupiter can help a person see the circumstance from a birds eye view, and that no amount of effort can change things that are meant to happen.

Saturn’s square to Mars ends on Aug. 19th, and ends to Jupiter on Aug. 30th.

There is some (partial) good news: Venus is Rasi aspecting the exact Mars/Jupiter conjunction, which will help soften some of the mental burdens caused by disrupted plans and expectations. We may not like how events are transpiring, but Venus is there to teach us that even when events are not flowing in the way we would like them to we can still benefit from the invaluable learning opportunities, and see where there are hidden upsides to the situation.

But unfortunately these learning opportunities will not feel very satisfactory, at least during that time, because Venus will be Debilitated in Virgo.

On Aug. 18th and 19th Venus will be directly opposite Saturn in Pieces. This can cause us to look very seriously at our relationships and determine what is valuable in them and what needs to be discarded from them. Be wary of self-pity, self-doubt, and beating yourself up for your own faults or the faults of others. Saturn rules time and Venus rules our self-worth, so focus on how to improve yourself from a long-term perspective, and that any feelings of sadness or fatigue will eventually pass, so don’t wallow in it.

September 17th -

Full Moon in Pisces / Mercury in Opposition to Saturn

This is the most imaginative Full Moon of the year, taking place in Pisces. A Full Moon in the Sign of our awareness of unlimited consciousness is when dreams can be the most vivid, and our spiritual needs come to the forefront. This Full Moon will be conjunct Saturn, which can give rise to more serious-minded thinking and philosophical rumination with a more fatalistic tone. Don’t be afraid of confronting the darker currents in your psyche, such as notions of death, our limitations as a flawed human being, and the necessity of certain experiences to end for other experiences to begin.

Meanwhile, Mercury is in an exact opposition with Saturn on this day, which can further a sense of dwelling on more practical difficulties and hardships. Saturn and Mercury are friendly planets to one another, and so the positive side is that we can readily observe what is not working in our practical affairs, economic life, and communication style and get rid of them. This conjunction teaches us that oftentimes it is just as valuable to know what isn’t working as it is to know what is working.

All of these transits are chart sensitive, meaning they affect each person differently based on where the planets and House cusps fall in your Natal Chart.

Happy Solstice!!

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