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Astrological Readings & Predictions

You may purchase directly through PayPal or with a debit/credit card. After the payment has been processed you will receive a direct email from me asking for your birth information. Please allow 5 to 7 days for written reports.

After I send the written report we can schedule a time for a face-to-face reading on Zoom. Readings without written reports can be scheduled as soon as I've received your birth information.

I welcome specific questions that you would like to discuss during the session. This helps to focus the meeting on areas of your particular concern, for example, love life, wealth, parents, career, etc. You can be as specific as you would like. General and introductory chart readings are always welcome.

If you have any questions about the format, payments, or the reading itself, please send me a message on my contact page.

Birth Chart with Vargas

Complete Birth Chart Reading

Written Report - $75

Written Report with Zoom Meeting - $100

This is the most comprehensive reading for beginners to Vedic Astrology. The written report will include the expression of each planet in their signs, the planetary conditions (avasthas), a Rahu and Ketu assessment (subconscious influences), and important dates indicated by yearly Sun and Moon transits.


If you choose to schedule a face-to-face meeting over Zoom we will discuss important highlights from the written report. We begin by studying what each planet is seeking to fulfill and how their unique arrangement in your chart will have concrete psychological manifestations.

And next we will discuss about how the current arrangement of the planets in the sky are affecting your chart and what to expect in the next 6 months to 1 year. 

*Zoom meetings are a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Written Report - $75

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Written Report w/ Zoom Meeting - $100

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Complete Birth Chart Reading

One-Year Varshaphala Reading

30 Minute Recording - $50

90 Minute Zoom Meeting - $75

Every year on our birthday a new chart is formed with details for that specific year. This is called a Varshaphala chart - based on techniques from medieval Persian astrologers and preserved in India.

This is a half-hour mp3 recording where I will discuss:

  • The area of life focus for that year and the ease/stress points 

  • Time frames when specific, important events will take place 

  • I can analyze a specific concern, such as meeting a new significant other, career/wealth, conceiving children, and opportune times for spiritual progress

The current planetary positions in the sky are constantly interacting with the planets and houses (areas of life) in your birth chart. These interactions activate certain mental changes of what we focus on and also manifest certain types of events.

In addition to the Varshaphala reading, I use the current planetary transits to pin-point when the most opportune times for events to take place and larger life themes that are taking place.

The reading can be done as either a 30-minute video and audio recording that I will send you, or a 1 hour and 30 minute one-on-one Zoom meeting with me.

Varshaphala Recording - $50

Transit Chart
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Varshphala Zoom Meeting - $75

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One Year Transit Reading

Relationship Compatibility

One or Both Partner Zoom Meeting - $150

The Vedic compatibility technique is the most reliable, thorough and time-tested method to determine how the masculine and feminine energies are being expressed between two partners (same-sex couples included).

The technique is based on the Moon's Sidereal Nakshatra sign position as well as the Moon's Tropical sign position. 

To be a compatible partner we need our Sun, Moon and Ascendant positions to have the capacity for a solid relationship. If these critical points are in less-than-ideal positions we will keep running into the same problems regardless of who the other partner is.

Understanding first our own relationship capacity, and then our partner's. capacity, leads to great understanding and forgiveness for each others strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes a partnership is fitted with harmonious and fluid exchanges of energy, other times the relationship is just not worth the trouble. But in either case, understanding your partner through the interaction of your birth charts will help you both grow in love (and not simply falling in love).



It is an excellent option for new or established couples to discover their potential strengths and weaknesses together, areas of potential concern, and strategies to resolve conflicts that are ultimately rooted in one's own birth chart. 

Readings with one or both partners are welcome.

*1 Hour and 30 Minute Zoom Meeting


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Predictions - One Question

Zoom Meeting - $100

Sometimes we need a greater deal of certainty about when life events will happen. This option is for those who want straightforward responses about what the planets are bringing into your life, both desirable and undesirable, and when in the future they will change.

Common questions are:

When will I change jobs?

When will I make more money?

When will I retire?

When will I meet my spouse?

When will I have a child?

I compare the planets in the sky with the house cusps (the areas of life) and their ruling planets in your birth chart, and also the house cusps and their ruling planets in your varga charts. These will shows us if the area of life in question is being activated by the planets moving in the sky.

I will give you specific dates for when you can expect concrete events to happen regarding the question, and other areas of life that may be being activated.

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Compatibility Reading

Subconscious Exploration Reading

Zoom Meeting - $100

The 7 visible planets are the forces of our consciousness. Their positions drive our thoughts, motivations and behavior.

Our subconscious world is directed by the two nodes - Rahu and Ketu (in Western astrology they are called the North and South Nodes). Their sign and house positions show us where healing needs to take place on a fundamental psychic level.

Ketu (the South Node) shows us where there has been an over-emphasis of certain habits and energies in recent past lives. Rahu (the North Node) shows us habits and energies we need to explore in order to achieve a state of balance with the two nodes.

Ketu is the castle - our security paradigm. Rahu is the dark forest - the frightening place that we are being thrust into by life whether we like it or not. When we work on exploring our Rahu we can return to Ketu with greater wisdom, and ultimately, spiritual progress.

Rahu and Ketu work is long-term. The earlier we understand our subconscious drives the better we will be able to achieve an internal balance and thus use the 7 conscious planets to our greater advantage.

People who are not healing subconsciously will arrive at the age of 40-42 (when Rahu matures) and feel lost or overwhelmed. This is because they are denying their need to explore the area of life of Rahu's position, preferring to stay in the safety of Ketu's castle.

Ketu and Rahu

By the age of 47-48 (when Ketu matures) we can return to our Ketu castle with greater understanding as a result of exploring the dark and dangerous forest. Failing to work on our Rahu will make the return to the castle a point of deep subconscious dissatisfaction that can stagnate one's growth for the remainder of their life (it is the last planet to mature).

Rahu and Ketu have significant ramifications for our relationships, and this reading will involve complexes we experience with our significant others.

*1 hour and 30 minute Zoom meeting.

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Saturn Return Reading

Zoom Meeting - $75

Saturn is the slowest-moving planet visible to the naked eye and takes approximately 28.5 years to pass through every sign. Around the age of 28 we experience our first "Saturn return" when it has completed one revolution in the sky since the day we were born, and our second Saturn return around the age of 60 it has completed its 2nd full revolution in the sky.

During the Saturn return periods we learn how to deal with the hardships of life, and they have a bad reputation for being a very difficult period, in general. They represent important decision points for the long-term planning of our lives when we need to 

*1 Hour and 30 Minute Zoom Meeting with me,

or a 45 minute private video link I will record and send.

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Planetary Conditions (Avasthas)

Written Report - $50

Each planet the others as either a friend, a neutral or an enemy. This affects how successfully or unsuccessfully the planet is able to fulfill its unique, specific duties in our lives.

Just as we feel immensely more welcome and comfortable in the home of our best friend than in the home of a work colleague we struggle to get along with - planets operate in the same way.

We experience these planetary conditions (called avasthas in Sanskrit) through psychological complexes which determine the overall state of our spiritual, emotional, energetic and physical well-being.

Avasthas are a unique feature to Vedic astrology and is important because we have the power to change these conditions through acceptance and conscious effort.

*This is a written report and not a personal Zoom meeting. You will be asked to submit a date and time for a booking - this is a formality for the site and does not reflect the actual date it will be sent. Please give 5-7 days for the report to be emailed to you.

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