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Astrology Readings & Predictions
Complete Natal Chart Written Report & 
Optional Virtual Meeting

This is an excellent option for those seeking a thorough breakdown of the natal chart from the Vedic perspective.


The personalized PDF is 12,000 to 15,000 words, with an optional one-on-one virtual meeting with me to discuss important points and areas of interest. 

Written Report - $85

Written Report & Virtual Meeting - $125

Complete Written Report & 
Solar Return Recording

You receive the complete Vedic Natal Chart Written report,  the personalized PDF of 12,000 to 15,000 words, as well as a 15 - 20 minute video recording where I discuss your Solar Return chart, a yearly chart of themes and events that begins and ends from one birthday to the next. 


In the Solar Return Recording I discuss themes that you are most interested in knowing about, the probability of certain events happening, and the most opportune times when the planetary energies will be flowing harmoniously with your chart.

Written Report & Solar Return Recording - $100

Full Spectrum
Prediction Session

This reading is "full-spectrum" because I use several techniques to answer your questions and concerns about what the future may hold for you, based on the active influences in your natal chart and how they are interacting with the planets as they move through the sky.

The techniques I use are:

Active Transits and Transit Returns over your Natal Planets and Houses

Varshaphala, also called the Solar Return Chart - a new chart cast the exact time the Sun passes over its degree position the moment you were born - which shows important influences and events in the next 365 days

Prashna, also called an Horary chart - casting a chart the minute I read your specific question 

Dasha influences, or planetary periods - the moment you were born sets a timing schedule when specific planets and Signs will be particularly active and influential in your life

Full-Spectrum Prediction Session - $100

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