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Complete Vedic Natal Chart Reading

This is the most comprehensive reading for beginners to Vedic Astrology, or for people interested in the depth and subtitles unique to this system. 


The written report is extensive - a 12,000 to 15,000 word PDF - which includes:


• Planets in Signs

• Planets in Houses

• Planetary Avasthas - This Sanskrit word means "conditions" and is a feature unique to Vedic Astrology. The avasthas give specific and detailed psychological complexes, both desirable and undesirable.

• House Rulerships eg. 1st House Lord in the 5th House.

• Moon Nakshatra and Ascendant Nakshatra Descriptions

• Important Annual Solar and Lunar Return Dates

If you choose to schedule a virtual meeting we will discuss important highlights from the written report. I welcome you to send questions before the meeting so we can focus the discussion to your specific interests.​

During the discussion I can also give indications about future possibilities and predict specific time frames/dates for your areas of interest.

*Virtual meetings are typically 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Written Report Only - $75

Written Report & Virtual Meeting - $100