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The Sun from "The Great Introduction to Astrology" by Abū Maʿšar

This depiction of the Sun is taken from a medieval Persian manuscript and shows him flanked by two lions, symbolic of his ruling the sign Leo. He holds a conch shell, which is a symbol of sovereignty and when blown sends away evil spirits, and a club, a symbol of strength and authority.

The manuscript is likely associated with "The Great Introduction to Astrology" by Abū Maʿšar. He is considered one of the greatest Persian astrologers, active in Baghdad, and who greatly influenced later Western astrologers and intellectuals.

The text is emphasizes the scientific precision needed when studying the luminaries. This introductory manual was first published in English in 2019 and covers topics such as: The natures of the planets and the areas of life they influence, the arrangement and nature of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and comparing and contrasting the practices of the Egyptians, Ptolemy, the Chaldeans and the Indian techniques of astrology.

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