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Partnership Compatibility Reading

Compatibility readings are based on the exchange of solar/masculine energy and lunar/feminine energy between the two partners (same-sex couples included).


Identifying where the flow of these energies is harmonious will show the strengths of the relationship, and where there are blockages between these energies will show where the partners will experience misunderstandings or repetitive problems.

The Vedic compatibility techniques are great at revealing blind spots in our own ability to be compatible with another person. And at the same time, when we can see the weak points in another person, we can come to forgive them and develop strategies to ease stress and heal energetic miscommunications in the relationship.

Understanding your partner through the interaction of your birth charts will help you both grow in love (and not simply falling in love).

Virtual meetings can include one partner or both partners and are typically 1 hour and 30 minutes.​

Partnership Compatibility Reading - $125